About Us

Monkey Tails is a family owned business based in Montgomery, Alabama. Created from a passion for sewing and the encouragement of my sweet friend of 40 years, Monkey Tails will provide stylish premium quality clothes for those who also share this love. 

I have been in the embroidery business for over thirty years.  My first monogram machine was purchased in 1979 and needless to say, it was not computerized.  If anything, it was a lesson in coordination:  your hands moved the hoop while your knee controlled the width of the stitch and your foot controlled the speed.  It was quite different than the machines we have today.

We invite you to visit our website often, like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest and twitter, as we strive to offer unique and affordable outfits to embellish.  We hope Monkey Tails will help clothe your little monkeys, while providing you hours of fun and enjoyment.  So get those creative juices flowing because….. here comes Monkey Tails!  

Swing in and enjoy!

Martha Aman

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