Frequently Asked Questions

Monkey Tails wants you very informed about our business, policies and products. We want you to have confidence in our ablitity to provide you with an excellent product as well as customer service. You will find the anwers to most of your questions throughout this site; however here are a few we may have missed.

I have a question that you have not answered? We will continue to update this page to provide you with the information you need. Until then, please do not post questions on Facebook. They are easy to miss. Instead, drop us an email. We will answer you ASAP. Don’t forget to put our email address in you book so we don’t get lost in “JUNK”

I made a mistake in my order, What can I do? Once your order has been processed there is little we can do. PLEASE check and recheck all your information before you click the submit button. If you do make a mistake, email us as soon as possible. We will help any way we can.

What is a Pre-Order Sale? A pre-sale is reserving an item before it actually arrives to our factory. Once the product does arrive, you are at the top of the shipping list. Dates for pre-orders will be announce on Facebook, website, and Twitter. When pre-ordering an estimated date for arrival is also announced.

What is an applique Square? An applique square is a piece of fabric that matches our pant selection. It enables you to coordinate our pants and shirts with appliques to create a custom outfit. Applique squares will be offered when available.

Can I pick up my order to save on shipping? Yes, we ship from Montgomery Alabama. If you live in that area you are welcome to pick up your order. There will be a procedure for this so please email us first. 

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